Memories of Delton Tamm

A son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Uncle, farmer, truck driver, and friend were just some of the hats he wore. 

I remember how important family gatherings were to him and their celebrations.  He was always there for graduations, weddings, baptisms, and confirmations.  Distance never seemed a problem.  Whether it was at Brillion; Pewaukee; Madison; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Stevens Point, LaCrosse, or Quantico, Virginia.  Whether it was at Shawano, Tomahawk, Rochester, Mequon, Menasha, or Green Bay. 

Traveling seemed to be in his blood.  I remember day trips to Kangaroo Lake, or to Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry or to the Chicago Stock Yards and how excited we were to see Arthur Godfrey and his horse Golden (a real movie/TV star).  Or going to Dubuque, Iowa and Marilyn looking at the map to see how far we were from “Debbie Q”.  The trips to Florida and three rides on the roller coaster at Sea World, or Disney World and it’s fantasies, or visiting with friends.  I remember trips to Montana and the snowstorms in June and car trouble.  I remember trips to Colorado and Wyoming and Arizona and Missouri. 

Fishing was never an interest until he retired.  I don’t remember him even having a fishing pole until then.  He knew all of the spots and took the grandchildren fishing at Long Lake or the Orange Bridge or at the pond on the Forty just to get a line in the water.  He fished at Shawano Lake, Eagle River, and Lake Michigan.  I remember the many trips to Canada and the Wisconsin River in Tomahawk. 

Christ was an important part of his life.  He was not one to witness verbally, but more in his actions.  His leadership with Mom in MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) with the weekly meetings, and providing opportunities for the youth to learn the word and also have fellowship, as well as trips to Mundelein, South Dakota, or Kentucky.  In fact, I recall he even tried to move a mountain with the bus backing up to get around a corner in the mountains.  His willingness to drive and take others along to renewal conference or camp meeting.  His participation in Bible studies and the Methodist Men’ meetings.

I remember growing up and learning German at the dinner table when something was spilled, and it always ran toward him and he always had an encouraging word “Du bist ein dumbkauft” or “Du bist ein svinehunt ”.  I remember him telling stories of 20 or 30 years ago and thinking how old he was or when he talked of going to the World’s Fair in Chicago and Brian’s eyes getting big and asked him if he really took the horses that far.  And his quick remark back reassuring us “they had cars then and that he wasn’t that old.”  I remember having the chicken pox and rocking on the floor in the kitchen next to the rocking chair while he cooked for Garry and me while Mom was in the sanitarium with TB and taking all of us kids to visit her.  The road pictures and stories he had to tell once he started over the road driving….and literally most of them were road pictures.

I remember the heart attack in Kentucky, and the drive with Uncle LeRoy and Aunt Vera to visit him.  I remember the stroke and him going to the nursing home and almost giving up life.  I most of all remember Mom who decided to bring him home and take care of him herself, and how he grew stronger and feistier each day.  I remember the love and bond between them, and his anxiousness to go places and her desire to stay home.  I remember the visits from friends and family to help break up his day.

Dad, Grandpa, brother, Uncle, and Friend, we will miss, but we also celebrate that he is with our creator and Lord.  He is in fellowship with our loved ones that have gone ahead of him and awaits until the day we that we meet again. 

Written with a loving heart,