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Absentee Calendar - 86 KB (xls) 

For anyone who has to keep track of employee vacations, sick days, etc., this Excel spreadsheet file I put together can be a handy tool. Enter a few pieces of data and the spreadsheet automatically recalculates and prints a 12 month calendar on a page with room to write in attendance data. You can set it up for any year.

To use it, load the .xls file into Excel, click on the Setup tab at the bottom of the screen and enter the requested data. (If you want to use it for 1999, it's already set up for that). When you click back on the Calendar tab, your calendar is all set up and ready to print.


The Laughing Song - 1481 KB (wav)

Back in the 1950's, I remember playing this song on an old 78 rpm record when I visited my grandparents on their small farm in Forward, Wisconsin. As kids, my brother and I found it to be very funny and we asked it to be played over and over. Late in 2000, I discovered my parents now had the record, very scratched and worn, but still surprisingly playable. I used a small microphone to record the song to my laptop computer right from the phonograph speakers. 

The original recording was by Herbert Hugunin from Janesville, Wisconsin on his Leaf Records label. The performers were all local: Vic Wall, Buck Helser, Bob Allen and Roy Nelson. After some research, I was able to trace down Mr. Hugunin's widow and had a long interesting phone conversation with her. She remembered the song well and some of the performers. You can download the file or play it directly from here. It helps to have a fast Internet connection.