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OK, OK...Maybe it sounded a little more like this. It seemed faster to me.

In May 1993, Betsy and I flew with our neighbor, Dale, from Green Bay to Clintonville to have a new radio put in his plane. Dale is a part-owner of the Green Bay Flying Club's Cessna 172. I recently asked Dale about the cost of the plane.

He said, "The insured value today is right at about $40,000. The price brand new in 1975 should have been around $20,000. Cessna recently started producing Cessna 172's again; the advertised list price for a new one is about $150,000! (Of course, it depends on the extras)."

The plane weighs in at about 2300 pounds and has a top speed of around 125 mph.

Dale and I also flew to Volk Field on a Saturday in September 98 where Dale, an Air Traffic Controller, had to put on a presentation for an aviation open house. Volk is an Air National Guard base located near Tomah in the western part of Wisconsin.

Volk has no actual planes of it's own. Every week, military planes come from Truax Field in Madison as well as from several surrounding states to practice aerial manuvers, including dogfights and firing live ordinance. The training airspace actually extends all the way east across the state out over Lake Michigan.