1931 Model A Fordor Town Sedan

This was the actual 20 millionth car built by Ford. When Henry Ford's 20 millionth car, a 1931 Model A, toured the U.S., it raised a stir wherever it went. A parade in New York, celebrated Ford's milestone vehicle, and the vehicle was awarded a license plate stamped 20,000,000. Henry Ford produced 15 million Model T's, and just under 6 million Model A's. The 20 millionth Vehicle was thought to have been distroyed in a musuem fire late in the 1930's but was actually sold in the 1940's and taken to Michigan's upper peninsular where it sat "lost" in a garage until 2000. Ford has leased the vehicle for 10 years from the current owner and completely restored it. It was publically unveiled at Iola 2002. For more info see

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