While driving along U.S. 60 between Lexington and Versailles, one is amazed to see a huge castle in a field on top of a hill about 300 yards off the highway. It's a bit of a mystery site even to the locals, but I was able to find some information about it from the Internet.

Construction was started on the massive structure in 1969 by a local businessman as a gift to his wife. Unfortunately, they eventually divorced. Construction stopped, then restarted and stopped again; it was never finished. Few people seem to have ever seen the inside. The gates remain closed to the public and neighbors and No Trespassing signs hang on the fence by the highway.

In 1988, it was put up for sale, described humorously by a local newspaper as "FOR SALE: One-of-a-kind Woodford County castle, like new; walled-in yard, 12 turrets, pool but no moat. Lots of potential. Close to airport. Curious need not inquire".

Apparently, there were few serious buyer prospects for the site and in 1990 the owner requested it be rezoned for a museum. I don't know what became of the zoning request, but the castle still remains closed and for sale at an undisclosed price. In 1988, the property was accessed at $554,000 and in 1993 at $754,000.