Other Pictures

This is a picture of our house in Green Bay, which we had built in 1990. At that time, it was the fifth house built on our new block.

This is an aerial view of our neighborhood taken in 1993. We were flying with our next door neighbor in his Cessna at the time (see our flying pictures for more information).

The neighborhood has changed a lot since this picture was taken. All the open spaces are gone, replaced by even more houses. The large building is an elementary school and a couple of blocks down the street that goes off the bottom of the picture is a new Lutheran high school.

Green Bay Area map.

Note the 3 large RED letters on the map:

H = Location of our Home, B = Betsy's Work, P = Paul's Work.

This is it...my computer headquarters! This is where I waste, I mean spend, a lot of my time.

Some of you may recognize the kids in this photo from 1955. At least one used to be a lot better looking back then. It sure was a long time ago (David, Susan, Paul).

Only a few determined visitors will probably make it this far, but for those people, here we are.

Paul's family dairy farm in southwestern Wisconsin as it appeared around 1965-70. It still is pretty much the same except for the addition of a few more silos. Here is a picure of it from the summer of 1998.

My grandfather farmed there, then my dad and now my brother and his family. My folks "retired" a few years ago and built a new house up on a hill on the land. My dad still helps out most every day.

The aerial picture makes the landscape look pretty flat, but it's actually all rocky rolling hills. The area on the right in the picture is far higher than that on the left.

This picture of Montana ranchers feeding hay to their cattle from a sled was scanned from Farm & Ranch Living magazine Feb/Mar 97. I really liked the colors against the white backdrop of the snow and sky.