2000 - 2001

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This is my 2001 picture for the 
church directory.

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This is one of 14 quilts I made
in July 2001 from remnants
given to me by my friend who
owns Sunspots, a drapery 
Sold at the fall 2001
craft sale at ABCS. Twin size
63 x 83 inches.

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A utility quilt with drapery 
scraps given to me by Carol
Norman, owner of Sunspots
on University Ave.
Sold at the fall 2001
craft sale at ABCS. Twin size
63 x 83 inches.

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There was enough of these 
two fabrics to make a twin
Sold at the fall 2001
craft sale at ABCS.
63 x 83 inches.

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My favorite utility quilt made
in July 2001.
Sold at the fall 2001
craft sale at ABCS. Twin size
63 x 83 inches.
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This was from a Wendy Gilbert
class (Quilt in a Day) that I
took through Evergreen Quilt
Club. She was teaching us
to use flannels. After the class I 
used 100% cotton to make this 
bright Delectable Mountains
large lap quilt. 50 x 70 inches.
It is now Mom's after our 2001
Xmas gift exchange.
PA211079s.JPG (73462 bytes)
This is my favorite log cabin 
quilt called Furrows. It is a
large lap quilt.
47 x 70 inches
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In September, I was in a 
finishing mode and put
together three baby quilts 
out of blocks I had made
over the years with intentions
of using them in a border on
queen size quilts. Plans
changed and three
 beautiful Baby's First
 Star quilts were the result.
Baby' First Star 3 hangs in
living room.
PA211082s.JPG (119081 bytes)
This was a block exchange
that I sashed with a fabric 
I received in an ugly
fabric exchange. I thought
Sailboats was beautiful. So did
many others. Our friend, Mary Jane
 bought it for a Xmas Gift.
99 x 48 inches.
PA211084s.JPG (85683 bytes)
Wild Goose Chase.
I have earned a trademark
in quilt club by using these 
jewel tone colors. Most of 
my fellow quilters can 
pick my quilts out of a bunch
just by the color choices. This
wallhanging was shown in
the 2002 EQ show and hangs 
in our master bedroom.
32 x 32 inches
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Baby's First Star 2.
These three Baby's First Stars
are all 33 x 44 inches. This quilt
was purchased by Sharon 
Pieper at 2001 Church Street
at my church.
PA211086s.JPG (73881 bytes)
Baby's First Star 1. 
Emily Walker will love 
snuggling up with this 
1 year birthday gift.
PA211087s.JPG (92286 bytes)
Saw tooth Doggies
Kid's Quilt.
43 x 57 inches
PA211089s.JPG (55379 bytes)
This is a bargello quilt I made
out of fabrics I purchased
on a bus trip to Sun Prairie.
We had stopped at
Waunakee and Reedsburg
first. My friends were upset
that I hadn't made any 
purchases at the first two
stores, so I broke down
and bought these fabrics
at our last stop.
Now I am glad I did because
I really like this wall hanging.
It is 18 x 35 inches.
Mary Jane also liked this piece. 
She persuaded me to sell it to
her  for a Xmas gift in 2001. 
Our July 2002 vacation we spent 
at  the Erickson farm and I
 shopped at Backstreet Quilt
 Shoppe in New Glarus to 
 reproduce this piece, but these 
 colors were not available.
 I did however find 
soft blue, pink and greens
for a 3 -block wallhanging
with a 6" sawtooth star within
 a 12"  star.
PA241109s.JPG (25892 bytes)
This is a table runner that I 
finished for the 2001 Quilt Show
raffle, April 6 and 7, 2001.
It is 19 x 43 inches. 
I really loved it. I hope the winner
liked it as much as I did.
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This was a block exchange
from 1990 made by Bonnie
Kaster. I did the borders and
quilting. I feel very privileged
to have this on my wall.
Since then, Bonnie has been
encouraged by us to become
a professional designer
and has now sold many 
patterns and books all 
over the world. She is a 
fabric artist that lives and 
creates in De Pere.
Sunbonnet Sue.
18 x18 inches
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These are Humbug Bags
made in Sept. 2001.
 Sold at the fall 2001
craft sale at ABCs 
and Church St. 
PA211098s.JPG (99467 bytes)
This is a Baltimore Album
wall hanging made for me
in exchange for a large
bargello wall hanging I made
for Cheryl Gallagher in 1997.
23 x 23 inches.
PA211099s.JPG (87738 bytes)
This was a Sunbonnet Sue
block exchange. Cheryl
Gallagher did the appliqué
and quilting. Bonnie Kaster drew
 the tree and bush. I did the hand
embroidery and piecing.
31 x 31 inches
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Utility quilt from drapery
fabric. Sold at the fall 2001
craft sale at ABCS. 
Twin size
63 x 83 inches.


PA211102s.JPG (93823 bytes)
A scrappy twin utility quilt
from drapery fabric.
63 x 83 inches.
PA211103s.JPG (92617 bytes)
A quilt made to go to
the Red Cross for fire victims.
 Twin size
63 x 83 inches.
PA211075s.JPG (94274 bytes)
A scrappy twin utility quilt
from drapery fabric.
63 x 83 inches.
PB181128s.JPG (79749 bytes) 
Utility quilt from drapery fabric.
Twin size
63 x 83 inches.
PA241110s.JPG (104717 bytes)
This is a bright scrappy 
star child's quilt sold at Church 
Street. 49 x 48 inches


PA241107s.JPG (101603 bytes)
Paul's favorite which was sold
to Debbie Landt
at the ABCS fall 2001 craft sale.
33 x 33 inches.
PB181134s.JPG (87679 bytes)
This was my favorite finished in
 Nov. 2001. It now hangs in 
the spare bedroom.
33 x 33 inches.
PB181131s.JPG (159951 bytes)
This is the backing of the above 
quilt. I tried doing a creative 
backing with an unfinished top.
Twin size
63 x 83 inches. 
Sold at the Spring 2002 
ABCS craft sale.


PB181135s.JPG (40535 bytes)
This is Celtic hand appliqued
and hand quilted wall hanging 
that I donated to the 2002 EQ
Quilt Show Silent Auction.
16 x 16 inches.
PB181133s.JPG (95079 bytes)
This is a kid's quilt that any horse
lover would enjoy owning.
47 x 45 inches. Mary Jane 
this as a Xmas gift for a friend
 who loved it.
PA211090s.JPG (78744 bytes)
The Dogs of My Childhood.
I made this wall hanging 
as a keepsake to remind me
of my very best friends
growing up. They were my
constant companions
growing up on the farm
over the years.
They were all mutts, but had
some of these breeds in their
genes. It hangs in the spare
bedroom. 29 x 29 inches.